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How "Playing Sessions" are Calculated
How "Playing Sessions" are Calculated

Our philosophy on streaks, playing sessions, and logins

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Your "Playing Sessions" on your TAC member home page are based on days you're active while also logged into the TAC membership. If you don't log out for a week, you'll only get a Playing Session on the days you're active on the site.

Previously, it would count up to one Playing Session per day that you logged in. But this was slightly inaccurate which caused some people to have more or fewer Playing Session than they expected. In some cases, some people would even lose streaks.

We've recently changed to a more accurate method of counting Playing Sessions.

You will probably notice that your stats have suddenly changed. You may see an increase in your stats (playing sessions, current streak, longest streak), but you will most likely see the stats drop.

The reason this is happening is because we're recalculating your logins with a much more accurate method.

So while previously you could have received credit for 2 days of playing (e.g., if you visited the site later in the evening), that is no longer the case. The bottom line is, the calculation is now accurate.

The good news is that going forward you should be pleased that your stats accurately reflect your activity on the site.

Another plus is that the home page now loads about 1.5 seconds faster than it did previously due to a more efficient calculation of the data.

Also, you will no longer need to log back in multiple times a day.

Under normal instances, members will remain logged into the site for 2 weeks, but to get a Playing Session for each day, you need to be active, not just logged in.

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