Join us every 90 days for a Live Guitar Progress Party.

Join the LIVE online event at 11am Mountain Time on the first Wednesday of January, April, July, and October...

Get the Most out of the Workshop & Show Your TAC Spirit!

  1. Download TAC Guitar Routine Journal (v1.2 Oct 7- Interactive PDF)

  2. Download TAC Zoom Backgrounds

  3. Wear your favorite TAC shirt

Why should you show up?

In the workshop, Tony will guide you through reflecting on your wins from the last 90 days and help you create your next 90-day goal. This is a major bonus to your TAC membership that’s designed to help you re-focus and get inspired by success stories from your fellow TAC Family - and share your own wins!

You'll also get the first look at TAC news and updates. A replay will be available if you can't make it live. During the breakout session Tony will have a special discussion so even if you attended live you may want to view the replay to see what he discussed!

Be prepared to share:

• Progress and small wins from last 90 days

• Changes you’re going to make to your guitar routine for the next 90 days

• Your Guitar goal for the next 90 days

3 Things before you jump on:

• Download or update Zoom to the newest version on your computer or device.

• Have your camera on with good lighting for a more personal experience.

• Please also test your microphone for clear audio quality.

Be prepared to connect with your fellow TAC family members within Break Out rooms (if you don’t feel like interacting, the replay will be available!)

To stay connected to the TAC community in between quarterly progress parties, tune into the Acoustic Tuesday show EVERY Tuesday for your dose of inspiration and guitar geekiness.

If you need to join the Zoom meeting via another method other than clicking the above link, here's the meeting info:
Meeting ID: 831 3240 3603

Passcode: 100

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