As you know, we’ve recently done a large update to the TAC website and our team of developers is still working around the clock to fix some bugs and get the site back up to speed.

Please rest assured that we’re very much aware of all bugs and site speed. Please be patient and be kind to our support team while we diligently work through the priority list as fast as possible.

Known Issues:

1. The site is slow. This is our top priority and we’re working around the clock to optimize the new site.

2. Related to the slow site is occasionally getting a blank page. Refreshing will usually fix the issue. We are working hard to get this fixed.

3. Some people may still see blank or garbled pages. Please “hard refresh” your browser to fix this issue. Please Google how to do this as it’s different for different browsers and devices.

4. I’m getting logged out of the site. This will continue to happen as our developers are working behind the scenes. Not to worry, this will stop happening once we’re done working on the site.

5. I don’t see the tab download icon. This is mostly resolved but we’re still having issues with tab icons in some places. It’s to the right of the heart and the download will work even if you don’t see an icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

(these will not effect new members)

1. Where’s the Song Vault? This is no longer a part of TAC and is no longer supported. Owners of the Song Vault will be able to access all songs and videos at Please follow the instructions on that site to download tabs.

2. Where are the previous month’s Daily Challenges? Previous month’s Guitar Routines are not accessible unless you’ve clicked the lower right heart icon to save them to your Favorites (found in the menu under your profile picture). Look for developments in the Skill Courses in the coming months for those who want additional things to explore outside of the current week’s Guitar Challenges.

3. How are Jam Clubs going to work? After deep reflection and consideration, we’ve realized that getting together with local TAC members is best organized and managed outside of TAC so we can keep the membership simple and focused on the main promise of TAC: the Daily Challenge. We’ve already started to see this work and look forward to seeing how TAC members get creative to connect in the real world. Going forward, your performances at virtual open mics and in-person meet-ups will have their own home in the forums and we’ll be celebrating these performances as huge wins that will inspire other members to push through their fears and consider playing with others.

4. Why are the forums so simple and why can’t we post about anything we want? We fully understand that there is a small group of very passionate forumers. We see you. The free-form discussion forums were a big part of your TAC experience and that’s always been exciting to watch. But over the years we’ve also seen an intimidation factor start to build as the forums evolved into a bit of a perceived “insider’s club” and a confusing wall of text that was intimidating for new members to jump into. To give you a rough idea, 20% of all posts came from just 4 members, and 60% of all posts came from just 24 members. The future TAC that we’re working towards will be intuitive to figure out and feel accessible to all members.

5. Why doesn’t the TAC team respond to all of the comments, questions, and concerns? Most of our time is currently being spent working diligently to finish the roll-out and optimization of our website. We’ve remained keenly aware of everything on the site and we’ve had an up to date “known issues” list at the top of the site since the day we went live.

All of these changes have one thing in common. The new look of TAC is aimed at shining the light on all members and all different guitar journeys.

In the coming months, you’ll begin to see a common thread between your weekly emails, the Acoustic Tuesday show, the 90-Day Progress Party, and new content. That common thread will be images and success stories of your fellow TAC Family.

We’re aiming for an environment that supports focus, fun, and progress through the lens of what we’ve seen people resonate with the most over the last six years.

If you’re a long time member who’s having a tough time seeing this vision with the new website, please consider giving it a chance. We’re using over six years of usage data and feedback to prepare TAC for a twenty year journey with this update. We’d love for you to consider giving it at least four to eight weeks of open mindedness.

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