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Forum Rules & Posting Guide
Forum Rules & Posting Guide

Community posting rules & how to post new discussions & replies

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Our community forum & site comments philosophy is simple: Help each other stay focused and make guitar progress with the TAC method. Keep the forums organized and on topic so they remain helpful and easy to navigate.
We've got a wonderful community of like-minded guitar geeks. To maintain this level of awesomeness, we strictly uphold our standards of conduct to make your TAC experience safe, helpful, and positive.

The following types of site comments, forum topics, or forum replies are not allowed and may be removed without notice.

  1. Negativity. Subtle or obvious disrespect towards others, angry, judgemental comments, non-constructive feedback, non-constructive complaining.

  2. Off-topic forum discussions, replies or comments. If your comment, forum post or forum reply does not match the stated purpose of the forum it's posted in, it may be removed.

These are two general topics that cover a lot of scenarios. For example: harassment of any kind, trying to spark debates or disagreements, politics, religion, promotion of any kind including guitar lesson competitors or self promotion, criticizing other members, TAC, or the TAC method are all examples of either being off topic or negative. So if it's not specifically listed here but can be labeled as negative or off-topic, the post may be removed without notice.

Accessing the Forums:

To find the forums, click the conversation bubble icon to the left of any TAC page.

The 5 Forums:

In the spirit of cultivating fun, focus, and consistent progress on your guitar journey, we have only five forums: Small Wins (post your win!), Play for Us! (post your performance!), Show Off Your Routine (How do you TAC?), TACiversary Stories (celebrate 1+ years of being in the TAC community!), and Get Unstuck (ask for guitar help here!).

If you don't know where your post belongs, read the descriptions for each forum.

Posting a Discussion:

So you're ready to post to one of our forums! Yippie!

All you have to do is click "New Discussion" in the upper right to create your post.

Make sure you're in the right forum! :)

Posting a Comment:

If you want to comment on someone else's post, click on their post.

Then hit "Reply".

Type your reply (and hey, why not throw in an emoji or two!), and then click "Post".

Favorite a Forum Post:

Loving a particular post and wanting to refer back to it? Click "Favorite" in the upper right and you'll be able to access it quickly in your profile.

Accessing Your Forums in Your Profile:

Any discussions you create, replies you leave, or posts you Favorite will show up in your profile under "Forums". To access that post, just click on it right there in your profile.

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