Your Profile Checklist:

To set up your profile and complete the profile checklist, we recommend watching these Quickstart Videos.

Accessing Your Profile:

To access your profile, hover over your picture in the top right corner of your screen, right under your browser's toolbar. Then click "My Profile".

Changing Your Profile Picture:

To add or change your profile picture, hover over the image to the left of your name within your profile then click the button with the pencil through it (as seen in the image above).

Once you click this, you'll be given two options. You can either take a picture right on your computer webcam, or upload a picture.

Please note that this picture is an identifier within the community and having a photo with your face in it is highly encouraged.

If you would like to take a photo from your computer, you will select "take photo" and "Allow" access for to use your camera.

Then you will press "capture" when you are positioned properly within the view of the camera. When you are happy with your photo, click "Save".

If you would like to upload your photo instead, click "upload" then "select your file" from your computer.

Editing Your Profile:

To add your information or edit your profile, click the "profile" tab, then "edit profile".

It is required for you to add your Nickname and First Name, and it is recommended that you complete your Guitar Goal and Guitar Routine.

Make sure that you click "Save Changes" when you are done.

Please note that you are able to hide your location, but this will be used in the member search so that other members can find people to jam and connect with in their area.

Accessing Your Favorite Exercises:

If you've saved any exercises from the daily challenges or courses to your favorites, they'll show up right here in your profile under "Favorites". You can access them either under "All" or in the category they fall into.

Viewing Your Forum Interactions:

After posting, replying, or favoriting a forum post, you can access them in your profile under "Forums" and quickly return to them by clicking on that post.

Viewing Your Stats:

Want to know what your current or longest streak is? Or maybe you want to know how many total guitar practice sessions you've put in. You can find all your stats in your profile under the "stats" tab.

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