As you work your way through TAC, you will likely have questions about the material covered in the lessons. Here is how you can ask your fellow TAC members your questions. 

The best place to ask your questions is in our awesome Community of like-minded guitar enthusiasts. 

STEP 1: Head over to the Community Forums by clicking the Community link at the top of any page. 

STEP 2: Go to the Guitar Journey Forum section that relates to what you are working on.

Example - if you have a question on the 30 Days to Play course in Stage 1, you will go to the Stage 1 forum. If you have questions on a Daily Lesson or any of the Stage 2 technique courses, you will go to the Stage 2 forum, and so on. 

Each of these forums has a section specifically for questions: 

STEP 3: Browse the questions that have already been asked - you may find your question has already been asked and answered! If not, click the Ask a Question button to post your question for others to help you with.

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