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Home Page

This is what you will see when you login to TAC. Areas outlined in red are explained below.

Top Navigation Links

At the top of each on the site you will see these options:

Home - Clicking this brings you to your Home page, the page you see when you first log in to TAC.

Roadmap - Hover your mouse over this link to see the various stages of the TAC Roadmap. Each stage has an explanation video for the stage, along with at least one course. 

Stage 1 contains the 30 Days to Play basics/refresher course
Stage 2 contains our technique courses (12 courses in total)
Stage 3 is dedicated to the Fretboard Wizard course (a TAC add-on course that teaches music theory and the fretboard for an additional fee)
Stage 4 contains Jamming 101 and is focused on playing with others

- Clicking this brings you to our Community Forums. You will need to upload a profile photo in order to enter the Community (this does not have to be a picture of you - it can be your guitar, a pet, a sports team logo, anything at all). For more information on our Community, click here

Support - Clicking this brings you to our TAC Help Center where you can browse articles or contact us for help.

Daily Lessons 

Today's lesson is on your Home screen, and clicking Start on that will open up the entire Monthly Practice Plan listed down the right side of the screen.

Monthly Practice Plans are available for 3 months after the month has passed in your My Courses page. You can navigate to previous lessons at any time but must wait for future lessons to open up when the associated day comes to pass. 

If you are looking for all the Daily Lessons, you can find our Practice Library archive by hovering your mouse over the Roadmap link at the top of you page and navigating to '2. Improve Consistently'. In the sidebar down the right side of the page you will find the Practice Archives broken down into libraries by exercise.

Left Sidebar Navigation

Down the left side of you screen you will see these icons: 

My Courses

My Courses Page - Any courses you have started or completed you can find the in the My Courses Page (graduation cap icon on the left side of your screen). Once you mark a lesson complete (including a Daily Lesson) you will see the course populate on this page for easy access. 

My Favorites

All Daily Lessons have the ability to Favorite them to save for later use so you can access them quickly without having to search the archives. Simply click the star icon above the Daily Lesson video (next to the Tab and Download options) to save that lesson to your My Favorites page. It will stay there until you un-save it.

TAC Calendar

Find our monthly live Guitar Party Workshops, challenges, and other information on our calendar. 


Watch replays of past live Guitar Party Workshops in the Community by clicking this link.

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