On May 1st we released a major update to Tony's Acoustic Challenge. This short overview article will show you what changed and where to find the few things that have moved. 

As this new Guitar Journey Roadmap system gets used by more and more members you'll notice that the monthly Guitar Parties will evolve to be even more exciting and you'll start to see "Acoustic Life Stories" released on a regular basis. The theme of this big change is that our members will be celebrated even more! 

So pay close attention over the next few months because things are about to get REALLY exciting around here!


We wanted to help you get faster results from your TAC membership by creating an intuitive roadmap that helps you see where you're at and where you're going next. 

We've done this by adding a "Roadmap" feature to the site navigation. There are four stages of your Guitar Journey Roadmap...

  1. Learn the Basics
  2. Improve Consistently
  3. Learn the Fretboard
  4. Play & Create for Life

IMPORTANT: Think of each of these as an area of focus. It doesn't have to be a linear path. There is no right or wrong place to be. You choose where you want to focus. It's totally up to you.

The Daily Practice is still at the core of your TAC membership and is represented by "Stage 2: Improve Consistently". But we've added a much needed "Learn the Basics" section of TAC for those who join but need to get the basics down before jumping in to the Daily Practice.

We've also added the "3. Learn the Fretboard" stage so it makes more sense to members how this course fits into their journey. As you likely know, learning how the fretboard works isn't absolutely required to have fun with your guitar, so we've left it as an optional add-on. 

And lastly, we added the "4. Play & Create for Life" stage so we can help people take what they're learning at TAC and apply it in the real world. This is done by helping our members articulate their unique "Guitar Dream Scene" and then take the small steps required to make that dream a reality!

We encourage you to browse the Guitar Player Roadmap stages by starting with the Roadmap Overview.


Academy - We've removed the Academy concept and placed each course within the stage it supports. So right now, almost all Academy courses are in Stage 2. Just hover
over "Roadmap", select "2. Improve Consistently."

Trying to get back to a course you started? Click on “My Courses” in the left side bar and you’ll see a list of any course you’ve started.

New courses will be created with the focus of helping you in one of the four stages.

Song Vault - The Song Vault is in Stage 2 as it supports the focus of "Improving Consistency".

Practice Libraries - Are in the side bar of Stage 2.


We love the culture of our community forums, but we wanted more emphasis on supporting our members and celebrating wins. So you'll now see that the community forums align with the four stages of the Guitar Journey Roadmap. 

Click here to explore the new Forums


Perhaps the most foundational of our changes is the Acoustic Life Mentor program. 

These amazing people signed up to welcome new members, answer common questions, and encourage those who are stuck in a rut or experiencing limiting beliefs about what's possible for them.

Mentors submitted applications and were selected based on their previous forum participation and familiarity with key milestones such as completing Fretboard Wizard, submitting forum performances, or being a member of a local Jam Club.

To learn more about our mentors, visit the Roadmap overview page here. 

These new changes will take a few months to take hold and be the "new normal". We'll no doubt fine tune it along the way with your feedback!

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