The TAC Community will be your source of much fun and guitar inspiration! 

There are many features of the TAC Community, most of which you will discover as you start browsing and posting.

So rather than overwhelm you with all the technical features, we suggest you just dive right in. Don't worry about doing something wrong :) 

Follow these steps for a quick community orientation

  1. Introduce yourself here by posting a new topic. Tell us where you're from, why you joined, and two truths and a lie!
  2. Add yourself to the member map to see if there are other TAC Members near you.
  3. View the community calendar where we'll list upcoming live streams, courses, and challenges.
  4. Check out the Guitar Journey Forums to ask questions, share small wins, and earn your stage badges.
  5. If you have a technical question or a guitar question, ask for help from the community in the Community Support forums here.

TIP: Get inspired by watching member performances here. If you need help posting your own video performances, read this guide.

We have forum guidelines to keep things safe and positive. You can review those guidelines here.

Just have fun! Everyone here is super friendly so don't be shy. See you around the new community!

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