We are super excited that you’ve joined our incredible TAC community!

We believe that learning guitar should be fun, focused, and progress-oriented. To help make your guitar journey fun, focused, and progress-oriented, we want our community members to instill these same values in each comment or post.

As a result, our community forum philosophy is simple: Help one another, don’t distract each other.

The forums are a fun place to discuss the TAC Method and your guitar journey.

To help keep it fun, each time we post or comment on a post, we ask ourselves, “Is this helpful or distracting?” And we encourage you to do the same!

So what is helpful and what is distracting?

Helpful posts or comments are focused, progress-oriented, relevant, and/or encouraging.

Distracting posts or comments are spammy, put people in a place of overwhelm, unfocused, disrespectful, or distracting for someone trying to use the TAC Method to learn guitar.

With that lens in mind, we’ve created the following examples from our trusty Jeff and Jenkins to help you decide if what you’re posting is helpful or distracting.

Just as a quick reminder, here’s the difference between a Jeff and a Jenkins…

Jenkins: seeks magic bullets and is attracted to shiny objects, hacks, and shortcuts. Jenkins focuses on mastering the guitar, so he only sees what he doesn't yet have. He judges other guitar players, has a fixed mindset, says things like, “maybe I just wasn't born to be good at guitar.”

Jeff: stays focused on one goal at a time. Is driven by intention, purpose, and meaning. Seeks to be uncomfortable, chooses hard over easy and slow over fast. Is focused on playing new and challenging things over the same old thing he's comfortable with.

Let’s see how Jeff and Jenkins participate in the forums…

Are you like Jenkins — posting something unrelated to guitar or the TAC Method? Does your post contain a mention of religion, politics, or an unrelated topic?

That’s not helpful in our community. We ask that you keep your posts related to fun, focus, and progress on the guitar.

Is your post negative or unhelpful like Jenkins’?

We won’t tolerate negativity in our positive community of awesome guitar geeks.

Are you like Jeff — helping a fellow guitar geek stay motivated with guitar by sharing your experience with wanting to give up and why you persevered?

Please share your experience in the forums if your experience sheds light or helps a TAC Family member pursue a fun, focused, and progress-oriented guitar journey!

Is your comment disrespectful, passive-aggressive, or sarcastic toward a fellow TAC Family member?

That kind of behavior will result in a warning or removal from our awesome TAC community!

Does your comment treat other members like they’re apart of your family like Jeff’s comment?

That’s what the TAC community is all about!

Will your post make people feel overwhelmed or unfocused by guiding them to websites or lessons that will take them away from their fun, focused, and progress-oriented guitar journey? We want to preserve a distraction-free zone here in the TAC community.

We want to encourage TAC Family members to teach and share lessons in their own words. After all, one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it.

If you have helpful and relevant resources beyond the scope of TAC, we recommend sharing those with your fellow TAC Guitar Geeks. This is a place to exchange ideas, but always keep in mind, “Is it helpful or is it distracting?”

Is your post unrelated to that forum, like Jenkins?

You might be in the wrong forum! Make sure you keep an eye on which forum you’re in so you can get the right answers for your questions.

We hope that these examples have helped you better understand how these forums will help you get the most out of your TAC experience!

If our moderators deem behavior or posts to be in violation of these guidelines, they will reach out to the TAC member to determine how we can create a more helpful comment or post.

If a member has repeat offenses, they may be removed from TAC to protect our constructive and positive environment. This will be judged on a case by case basis.

But don’t worry, this very rarely happens, and if you’re new or still trying to get used to the forums, don’t worry about doing something “wrong”.

You’ll find that our awesome TAC family is always willing to help.

If you have any questions about the guidelines, we have a team of amazing mentors and TAC teammates that would be happy to provide direction.

Now go dive in and get the most out of your TAC experience!

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