The mission of the TAC community is to provide positive guitar inspiration for TAC members. This inspiration comes in many forms. When you interact in the TAC community, you should be able to:

  • get inspired by seeing what other members are doing to get better
  • get inspired by hearing about small wins that members are experiencing
  • view performances of those better than you and those not quite at your level yet
  • interact with your peers who are here for the same reason as you
  • cultivate your obsession so your interest in guitar stays strong
  • and above all else, rely on TAC for a safe, judgment-free, positive environment to build your guitar skills

In order to make sure that every TAC member has a positive experience, we’ve created these community guidelines.

If our moderators deem behavior or posts to be in violation of these guidelines, they will take action to delete offending forums, posts, or replies.

If a member has repeat offenses, they may be removed from TAC to protect our constructive and positive environment. This will be judged on a case by case basis. 

IMPORTANT: We actually very rarely have any issue at all with this! TAC members in general are the nicest, most caring and respectful people you’ll ever meet. But it’s important to us that you know how much we care about keeping this place that way, hence, the community guidelines…

Be Respectful

  • Avoid all discussions about religion & politics.
  • Avoid making comments which may be inappropriate and/or offensive.
  • Don’t write anything that sounds angry, passive-aggressive, or sarcastic, even as a joke.
  • To respect the environment we've created within the TAC community, don’t promote other online guitar lesson programs. This includes posting promo codes, referral codes, advertisements, or reviews of other online guitar lesson programs, courses, or programs.
  • Respect the opinions of other members. If you feel the need to disagree, do so respectfully, and acknowledge the valid points in your peer’s argument. Acknowledge that others are entitled to have their own perspective on the issue.

Keep the Forums Organized

  • Use short but descriptive post titles that explain clearly what the post is about.
  • Read forum descriptions and start new discussions in the correct spot. Moderators will move any incorrectly filed posts.
  • Check the forums to see if your topic or question has already been covered. Duplicates may be merged or deleted by forum moderators.
  • If you refer to something a member said earlier in the discussion, quote just a few key lines from their post so others won’t have to go back and figure out which post you’re referring to.

Most of all, if you’re new or still trying to get used to the forums, don’t worry about doing something “wrong.” Our awesome TAC family is always willing to help. Be prepared to bumble around for a week or two before feeling like you really know what you’re doing!

Now go dive in!

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