The "Favorite" feature is a powerful way to curate your own collection of lessons and easily return to lessons. Think of it as a "bookmark" for lessons you want to return to.

How to Add a Lesson to Your Favorites

On daily lessons, click the star icon above the lesson video to save (or unsave) the lesson to your favorites.

Visit your favorites tab in the left sidebar to access all of your favorited lessons!

Your collection of favorites will be conveniently grouped within the five practice categories.

To remove a lesson from your favorites, just visit the lesson and click the star icon again.

Two Ways to Use Favorites

  1. You can browse practice archives and hunt for lessons you love. Click the star icon to add them to your favorites. To find practice archives click "practice" in the top navigation then click the archives in the right sidebar.
  2. If you loved a lesson or you feel that working on it longer would be beneficial, favorite it. You can return to your favorites until you're ready to move on. Now just visit the lesson, click the star again to remove from your favorites and be on the lookout for your next lessons to favorite!

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