Your Daily TAC Routine

Your Tony's Acoustic Challenge daily routine may look something like this:

  1. Login and click "start" to do the day's practice session
  2. After your practice session, head over to the Stage 2 technique courses to work on a course of your choosing or look back at this month's Practice Plan and go through any lessons you missed or would like to try again
  3. End your TAC time by browsing the Community

Now let's look at these in more depth...

Daily Practice: When you login to TAC, click the "Start" button on the video on on your Home page to begin that day's practice session. 

As you'll learn in TAC Fundamentals (complete this course to unlock all technique courses), each day correlates to a practice category. 

When you complete an entire month of practice, you'll automatically be entered to win a very nice travel guitar on the monthly LIVE guitar workshop.

IMPORTANT: If you're new to TAC, just login and click "start" from the TAC home page and don't worry about "catching up" or completing the entire month of practice.

Some practice sessions might seem nearly impossible, some days will be pure fun, some days may seem pretty easy. But the point is to attempt each practice session for at least 10 minutes.

Once you're done with your 10 minute minimum practice time (you'll learn more about this philosophy in TAC Fundamentals), you can head over to the Stage 2 technique courses and start or continue a course. 

Stage 2: Improve Consistently: This stage in the TAC Roadmap gives you a graduating success path. These short courses are the perfect way to level up areas of technique that you'd like to work on. These courses are not a required part of TAC, but a great compliment to the daily practice.

The Community: This is where we share all sorts of guitar related things, like small wins, questions about lessons or courses, performances of the Wednesday improv practice sessions, or a new song you've just learned. Finish your daily TAC sessions by perusing the forums for inspiration. Learn more about the Community here.

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