You want to get started, but you're confused about how Fretboard Wizard differs from Tony's Acoustic Challenge.

Fretboard Wizard is a 6-part course that teaches you how the fretboard works so you can find any note, chord, or key, & improvise with ease.

Tony's Acoustic Challenge (TAC) is an ongoing membership that gives you a new practice challenge every day that rotates between the 5 categories of guitar improvement.

These two programs were designed to compliment each other.

So the answer is that you should have both in order to become the most well-rounded player possible. 

Start with the one that resonates with you now and then add the other when the timing is right for you.

Where to start if you enroll in BOTH

Since Fretboard Wizard is a self paced course, even if you're super busy you can take as long as you need to go through it while still playing 10 minutes a day with your TAC membership.

So dive into Fretboard Wizard and go at a comfortable pace while also getting 10 minutes of practice each day with your TAC membership. 

If that's too much for your schedule, just focus on Fretboard Wizard first, as it will likely spark inspiration and excitement that will pull you into playing your guitar more!

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