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How to reset my password
How to reset my password

Forget your password? Can't login?

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Username & Password Troubleshooting Guide

  • Search your email for "[TAC]  Login & Password" if this doesn't work...

  • Go to the TAC login page and click "lost your password?"

  • If you still don't see a password reset email, check your spam folder and wait at least 10 minutes.

  • Double check that you didn't use another email address (and try all of the above with the other email address)

If you still can't find your password or login info, send us a message and we'll help you get it sorted. Please Email TAC Support: [email protected]

Are you locked out or "don't have access"? Send us a message if you CAN login, but you seem to be locked out of your membership or content that you expected to see.

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